Rammer -fighting (full)

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yay i actually finished a game i made! however, i dont have the ??? move on FMG yet, but be a lil patient...but ill need to take out the music cuz otherwise itd be too big...and about the file size...the music i put in is arond 74 megs, so i did my best to compress it. oh, and btw, balthor says hi! PLZ REVIEW!!! I RESPOND TO ALL REVIEWS!!!

ABout Rammer - killer, see im totally out of ideas, so i havent worked on it at all...if u could email me some ideas, like pictures or just telling me what i should do, id be glad to take ur advice. just include ur username so i can credit u in the credits! l8er

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Well I did bothjerreading through some of rthe reviews to check out something.
That is too bad you are not good at actiob script. You could make a cool fighting game. Still with what you had this was goo. I didn't bother getting 25,500 to test out one option got enough other points to try out the other moves. You have a pretty good start going. I wish I knew action scriptign to help you out.

Rammer responds:

yeh, well, im a lot better now than i was when i made this.

as i said in your review for fuller, me and xanadu32 are going to work on fighter 2 together. with his elite coding skills and my semi-elite animating skills, we will get into the daily top 5! muahahahaha!



hey do you no any good flash animater sites ...you now were i can get a plug in? but if i did now how to do flash i would never make anything as good as rammer

p.s that really was SCARY!!!

Rammer responds:

um, thanks. flash mx isnt a plug-in, btw, its a program. if you can spare 500 bukcs, you can go buy it for at least download the 30 day trial at www.macromedia.com.


could have mad it better

JT is right though the powerkick is pretty dumb, but besides that all you need to do is add some more caracters and have the computer fight back.

Rammer responds:

im not going to even bother saying why bryan doesnt fight back anymore! just look in the reviews, cuz im not gong to spoon feed....besides, llok at the title. theres full, and fuller. wich do YOU think is better, huh?


dude i got my fuckin points all the way up to 25,000 points thinking that the powerkick would be awesom but it sucked BALLS!!


Rammer responds:

just you wait til rammer - fighter 2 comes out...just you wait (:<
oh. and btw...

Flash by JTtheLar:
- none -


and did u know u could do that in 2 seconds, clicking hte little square tot he left under the controls? it gives u 5,000 pts. u have no right to complain.


nice game my friend i really enjoyed that...i dont know if u have made more or not but if u havnt u shud with more moves and stuff the only downside to that game was havin to keep doin moves to get points to get the other moves but i still lovd it well done :D

Rammer responds:

nah i havent done anything else...i doubt i will ntil im done with rammer - killer...thx!

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3.74 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2003
8:53 PM EDT
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