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Well, its the first movie I'm submitting so please be gentle. My movie's in Dutch it has got subtitles. But my friends speak crappy English so I figure that wouldnt be to friendly towards you guys.

If you have the feeling that this movie is a bit vague and has no story what so ever you are right. Because it is actually an intro to a movie I made six months ago. But the movie just never arrived.

Ahh well, enjoy

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5/5 10/10

when you never did a drive by befor you look for the right song to do it but when you do it you know it dsont matter if the song is right or not so much udrinalin its crazy just bambam

p.s i did it with a air softgun

Excellent movie!

Very nice movie Robbert, if you can make it a bit longer it will be ASSKICKING!.
Please finish it! DO IT FOR ME MAN!
btw. maybe the footsteps on the beginning are a bit too fast, because the man whose walking is move up and down slower, but I'm just antfucking now (dutch expression).

Not bad at all

Graphics were bad ass , i liked the music. Your style is really nice though , i think if it was longer your score would have been alot better man. But keep it up dude nice job.


Well, in a nutshell this was an okay movie; the graphics were good (great job for a first flash!) the sound, well, unlike most people's first flash's it actually HAS voices so that's a plus. The one thing that's wrong with it is THE PLOT. It has none! The audience dosn't know WHO this guy walking is, why the town is so fucked up, why these two bald guys are running over this guy in the first place! Thus, to us, this is a pointless really short flash with some decent animation. Sorry pal.

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

Nice animation!

Loved the animation, sound, everything! The only problem, NO PRELOADER!!! That's my one piss off! You can get a preloader from ng. It's soo easy! I gave it a 1 for great animation, excellent sound, and incredible artwork and creativity, but no preloader so you get a 1!

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2003
3:43 PM EDT
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