Super Suikoden 2 - Part 1

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This is my first flash ever so please go easy. I had quite a lot of help from my cousin. I thought there were to many final fantasy movies and not enough suikoden so thats why i made it.


I liked this

I watched every part it was so funny! You should consider doing another one based on suikoden maybe with better drawings and less gay jokes. Also in the last part you took it way to far. Maybe you could do one with the first suikoden. Since your better at flash now


Finally some Suikoden love.

The good:

The Simone jokes made me laugh my ass off, even though they were mean and homophobic.

The bad:

Animation was kind of lacking, and though Gothic Neclord is a great tune, it doesn't fit in with every scene. Should have had different tunes in each.

I see some potential.

Borderline: cruel/ funny

Let me just start by saying that I am a HUGE Suikoden fan. I've played every game and it's nice to see it finally showing up on Newgrounds.

Dude, the gay jokes, you over did it with those. They went beyond joking and it did seem like you were intentionally trying to be cruel. Although, I don't blame Jowy and Viktor for not wanting Simone with them.

And also, try slowing the story line down next time. You seemed to rush through it.

I can't believe you said Kinninson was weak!

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Hell-Fire responds:

Hah, in comparison to some other characters like Sheena and Killey, he's very weak. Most bow users lack the physical attack power that most other classes have. I made this about 5 years ago and thought gay jokes were the in thing back then. I was more or less just learning flash then and wanted an excuse of a story to go along with it.

Uh huh...

Are you homophobic? A hick maybe? The way you're portraying yourself, you sound like a 12 year old boy who's paranoid of something that has nothing to do with him.
It's people like you that make everything too damn hard. Honestly you're just rude.

Hell-Fire responds:

Are you flirting with me babe?


Terrible animation, but it was your first.
But I couldn't stop laughing my ass off.

I loved it!
I think I busted a gut!! =)

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3.36 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2003
2:57 AM EDT
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