Put Me Out!

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This happened to be one of the funnier ones. It's good for a quick giggle.



Crazy would be about the Best definition you could use for putting this Flash Movie. It was pretty good, and funny, but the sound was kinda hard to understand at some points, and it wasnt very violent.

Good Graphics, Decent Sound, Pretty Funny, and Not Very Violent (Not That It Needs to Be)

Dar? What? Okay.

Maybe I just 'didn't get it', but it wasn't funny at all. Couldn't understand the voices pretty much after the first two lines, and the sound for the fire was annoying and wouldn't loop well(pauses inbetween the 'fire sound' starting and ending). We have better taste than to laugh at some guy not helping a guy who's on fire.

Bunchofnumbers responds:

Yeah, i'm just starting to get the hang of this flash stuff, so dont expect any really good stuff for a while. I'll make better ones though, so dont you worry.

goooooooooo furby!!!

that wasn't to bad. and furby adds a nice ending to it.


I like this movie. It reminds me of something, but I can't remember what. What was with the Furby that was on there for .5 seconds? It could maybe use a background. I would very much like to see your other work.

Voice acting needs work

Its cool that you did your own voice acting, but you need more inflection in your voice or you might as well just use a text to speech program like the rest of the uninspired masses.

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2.05 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2003
10:26 PM EDT
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