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Just Because It's Clay

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update: This Movie here has no plot!!! My next one will along with voice overs!!!! does anyone read the commentary anymore???? This is a sensess clay part of music video made to hone my animation skills!!!! Bah!!! Judege accordingly!!!!!

Original Commentary:
I've been working on my 'big movie,' and all that there's left is the voiceovers (gasp! a claymation with voiceovers AND a plot! yes!) and suddenly felt like some senseless clay violence, so I picked a song, and here it is. Please, again I must plead, judge as a movie, which it is submitted under, not a flash cartoon.

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And you thought the yellow one was good

Man, the yellow got BOMBED! You'd never expect that from a broken clay man! XD I love all of your clay work. You should be proud of it.


great smooth animation, which is what i want in a claymation, to those people who are insulting this, lets see you do better. I have made a claymation and i know how hard it is.

god short clay movie

lol dude I liked it a lot! slicing the other was a very good move, and then i remembered me of "Tool" video-clips..i think its a good short clay movie!


Man that was crap!

I know it's hard makin claymations but i also know that you could've done waaaay better and actually put some story line to it. Yes sometimes i make morphing clay movies and stuff like that but i don't publish them, cuz they're crap. The essence of this movie was just your mind wandering. You didn't have to put this load of crap on newgrounds sheesh.


i hope this was your first claymovie.....