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the romh vs zzt

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just a couple notes in case people don't quite understand... zzt is an oldskewl ascii game that just kicks in every way. the romh is an evil creature who eats people. he makes them say ACK! so anyways, enjoy... =P


*SIGH* I miss ZZT. When are they going to upload it on NG so we can upload and play each other's games.

Jill said "Long Live ZZT"...

I stumbled across this video as whilst playing Jill Goes Underground I saw a sign that says Long Live ZZT. I was intrigued so I decided to Google 'Long Live ZZT' and found this! It was an epic video and as an added bonus I now know what ZZT means!

Long Live ZZT!! :)

I love ZZT!! Keep up the good work!! :)

---Ghetto Joe

heh, ZZT rocks

That is the weirdest ZZT tribute I've ever seen. Heck, it's the ONLY ZZT tribute I've ever seen (although there are references in Arfenhouse). This is a good thing you have done, here. Surrealism is funny.

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u good at dinosauric

this is not wat i see when i go to the cinema???

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Feb 26, 2001
9:21 PM EST
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