Crono vs Ryu:

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thanx for all the reviews people. but i still could use some sprite sites/ videogame sounds (not music but SFX) sites

its Ryu and Crono in an all out battle to the death. It is also my first sprite movie. and i hope its good enough since i started with flash 3.5 weeks ago now 29/9/2003 :D
give me a review
and for gawd sakes gimme places where i can find sprites and VG sounds.
I really started learning flash 3 weeks ago, but i do not want to be judged by that. Give me the same votes you would give to any other guy.

music credits: www.ocremix.org
SFX credits: RPG maker 2k



not that good, but not that bad either.

it was ok

this was ok for your first sprite movie mmm some thing that u might want to think about is not using different sprites for a character like you did with ryu .. i really liked the punching effects were u get them


really good
I like the sound surprise surprise :p funny again surprise surprise oh jeah btw i don't know sites but maybe ill give you some hints:p:p:p:p

1.make a second part....
2.Keep the music really good(don't need rock)
3.Keep kicking ass

Oh jeah you're from Holand right well i'm from Belgium
Dus blijve geve man:p:p


i liked it. it was pretty cool

myztikX responds:

glad u liked it ;)


Well... where to start. I guess it was somewat original since no one ever got the idea of making a ryu vs Crono fight before... but then again, maybe it shouldn have been done. The fight wasent to bad but Crono was stiff like a rock.

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myztikX responds:

yup, does anyone have crono fighting sprites then ill update the movie right away :P

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2.85 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2003
4:05 PM EDT
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