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Harry meets Dumbledore

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ok. first of all if you hate harry potter, please don't diss this cause it is harry potter. please appreciate the time and work that has been put into this flash. and secondly this is meant to be a short film so it'll only last for about 2 minutes. i hope you guys enjoy it. (hint: easter egg in the end-credits. song by me! the song is about makin fun of a friend of mine. lyrics cannot be heard cause it meant to be that way. )

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well, one of my all-time favorite movies in here!
unlike the usual hating-harry potter parodies that simply use violence or strange tactics to make fun of HP, this movie used clever humour, awesome animation, good drawings, and it even stayed true to the actual book events in the mirror scene. until the time when dumbledoor and harry began saying the F words ofcourse!

also, the moment when dumbledoor said: ''you little shit!'' when he saw harry doing him the middle finger was truly one of the best in the whole movie.
oh my, how much i laughed with that one!
or the ''SUPER fast action charge of dumbledoor'' scene, when he said: ''CHAAARGE!'', and ''HAH!'' and he was (seemingly) running fast towards harry, but only to be revealed that he was walking slowly, since he was an old man.
i also laughed my heart off with that. it was genius!
all of your movies are brilliant, with epic humour, and nice graphics, and i love your work, so it would be nice if you did more.

oh man, its been years since i saw this movie. it must have been a nostalgia trip for me, nowadays....
also i might add that the moment where harry said the CORRECT answer to the mirror's question, and dumbledoor said ''WRONG!'' and repeated the whole thing, and harry said: ''i just SAID that, are you bloody deaf?!'' was truly hillarious.

i might sound annoying by talking like that, but i just noticed that i haven't reviewed your movies despite the fact that they are in my faves(and the fact that i 5 them very often), so i wanted to rectify for my ''mistake'', and to support one of my favorite authors!

bottom line:
you do great movies, keep making them, because you rock! solid humour, mate!



I LOVE Harry Potter, so I say its okay, but the animation was awesome! ;)


harry shows middle finger* you little s***! haah i loled so hard!


the animation was crappy,but the talking was pure heaven!