Fun With Goths

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Fun With Goths! The skaters will always have their revenge. And why dont skater stick movies get booted off and this always does? Fucks sake, are you all mad?

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piece of shit

i've never given any flash on NG a rating below 6 till today...for this crappy flash i feel like giving 0/10 ...what the hell is this

yeah,really bad

i dont really like goths (whitch is weird cause ive got a goth and emo friend lol)
but its boring,short,choppy,and overall crappy.it should probaply longer,more interactive,better music because(like dankscarver said)it doesnt fit in,and overall(again) less suckish.

realy fucking lame

Graphics: Could have been better but very fucking bad

Style: killing goths

Sound: WTF Horible. did not fit in with this game

Violence: gun shot to the head lots of blood

Interactivity: ONE click

Humor: I chukled when the goth died

Overal: I hate goths to but its stupied to make a game out of it. Especialy since its realy not even a game. This kind of thing has been done so much that there is no reason to do it anymore. Oh and if you tought what you where doing was funny. its not. 1/5


^^Good Points^^
The best part about this is the drawings. You drawing of the goth was pretty good, and the crosshairs looked nice the way they were animated and such. I do think the music is a catchy tune as well.

^^Needs Improving^^
Gosh this game is boring. You click on the guy once and three holes appear in him with some crappy looking blood around as well. He doesn't fight back, the "game" is not challenging at all or very much fun.


I dont want to be mean but thats kinda nasty to goths I'm a greb but I have goth friends and I will stick up for them, goths are no better than chavs!

Credits & Info

1.33 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2001
10:12 AM EST
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