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Hello my good man. Beware of Pube Muppet's sexyness, as he is back in the original adventures in this Pube Muppet Collection. Pube Muppet goes to the store, gym, hospital, carnival, deli, and more in this classic 8-pack of original homosexual adventures. Please enjoy!

If you hate Pube Muppet, or find him offending in any way, please refrain from watching this movie. Also, if you cannot listen to excessive sexually explicit language and adult themes, and do not like repulsive images, please do not watch this movie. It is recommended only for hilarious comedy and Pube Muppet fans. Thank you, I hope you enjoy the show!


Created by BlueCherry Clock (beanies520)
Characters by: DrunkMagiKoopa and LollypopClock
Inspired greatly by: Lollypop Clock
Special thanks to: Pube_Muppet, jason-PubeMuppetsbro, cannibus_clock, Demonclock, CandleClock, jasonclock, DarkAchronClock, LollypopClock, and NightmareClock
Written by: beanies520

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How can I be more like the pube muppet?

good shit n***a


Well, as for as Pube Muppet goes, this is a great collection. The single videos by themselves really don't have much effort put into them, but since this is a massive collection it's really not bad. Pube Muppet brings me back to like 2004 laughing my ass of, so just for the sake of nostalgia, I'll give you a good rating, lol. Not much to critique in a collab like this. The skits were all...ermm...well they were pube muppet lol. Pretty much what I expected. The..erm...voice acting? Sounded right. Yeah okay this review is done...

my new favourite thing on newgrounds

i've loved pubemuppet for many years now, and this is the ultimate find. a collection of all the greatest. can you ask for anything better? no you cannot.

classic. thank you.

ph33t teh pube muppet!1

tHis was a swell collection. Peace out Shonenbat.

beanies520 responds:

Indeed this was a very swell collection. ph33r teh pubeS!

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4.37 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2003
10:25 PM EDT
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