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This is an animation for (the real) Tuesday Weld's 'Asteroids' sampler (82 seconds long).

Click on the buttons during the animation to toggle quality or subtitles.

I also have some text you can read if you want when you're waiting. A button will appear labelled 'play special features' taking you to the text and you'll be able to play the movie whenever it finishes loading.

This is the 3rd thing I've finished and hopefully you'll all agree it's my best yet. :)

As always, all reviews are much appreciated - specially those with constructive criticism. :)

Stay funky,


Update - I've been given the go-ahead to do a video to the full song, so I'll be doing that at some point down the line. :)

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To be honest...I don't like the song that much

However, despite that, this is a pretty good animation. I just can't help but feel like its...not done yet. Probably because it isn't.

Bezman responds:

Glad you like it somewhat.

I regret never having finished the full version after story-boarding it up.

nice short music video

Nice music video. I like how you can turn the subtitles on and off. Graphics were drawn and animated very well. I've never heard of this song before. You definitely have some excellent frame by frame animating skills. Frame by frame animating isn't easy... I know it.. cuz i've tried it. I like how the movie starts off tweening through a window and then out towards space. nice stuff!

Bezman responds:

Thanks a lot for the compliments!

I really should finish off the full video...

Glad you liked it, though I'd also liked to have heard any specific criticism you might have.

Stay funky!

Nice music video

I never reviewed a music video before...
The title screen wasen't very good, but it doesn't matter much.
The graphics were ok, not very good and could have been better.
The sound was great, a sort of sad song, but it still managed to pull a 10. Overall it was a nice music video, with a little room for improvement, but the main part, the song, was great! Good job.

Bezman responds:

Well, as I didn't make the music myself, it sounds like I'll have to try a bit harder for next time!

Stay funky.


What a good little music video you have compiled here. Its hard when it is a music video to be able to judge the graphics properly because of the artistic side you may be implying and in this you were definitely telling a deeper story. I liked all the crazy designs you had but in the centre of it all you had to simple little characters. The drawings went very nicely with the words to the song, i viewed it with the subtitles on and you used a nice large readable font with no errors.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

Bezman responds:

Thanks for the review.

Glad you liked the simplistic design.

I give your review a 7.

I like that you give a few specific details about what you liked, but some criticism is always nice too.

Anyhow, stay funky.

- Bez


I love those kind of flashes that make me feel warm inside.

Graphically, there there wasn't much to look at, the simplistic nature of the animations matched the simplistic nature of the song. In many cases, that type of realtion is so much more important than a mis-match between audio and visual attributes. I appreciated the fact that you used a 3-4 frame graphic for the purple figures at the beginning of the movie. That kind of Squigglevision is a key note that you were aware of the typical attention span of your audience.

There was no violence in the movie as none was really needed. Hence, your use (or in this case, non-use) of violence gets you a ten.

Here's my biggest complaint: the entire file size as a whole was less than 1 MB. That left plenty of room to optimize the quality of the sound clip that you used in the animation. I'm not sure if you were attempting to avoid an excessive loading time. However, I still found the quality of the sound much too low to really enjoy. An extra 24kbs wouldn't have hurt, but that's just my kick ass opinion.

Still, when the space man (*and space woman) came into the scene, the flash became magical to me. Maybe I'm just a sucker for cute people floating around astroids--but I certainly know what I like--and that was it.

So overall, the graphics were still were not too complex--yet the supporting attributes of this flash clearly showed me that you were going for a specific style. The song was a great choice--and perfect length as the the entirety of the animation ended on a crisp high note. I didn't necessarily laugh out loud, but there was an emotional feeling that came over me in this animation. That alone makes any cartoon great.

Bezman responds:

Thank you for so many wonderful reviews. I'm obviously glad you enjoyed this one and it means so much coming from you - as I've seen the brilliant stuff you yourself are capable of.

review of your review

In many cases, that type of realtion is so much more important than a mis-match between audio and visual attributes.

The above sentence is a little unclear. Did you mean to say that "that type of relationship" makes for a massive improvement?

Or by when you talk of a "mis-match" are you meaning the timing?

I understand you're... Korean? I don't know. But really, your English is great and I feel slightly bad pointing such things out. But where your meaning becomes unclear, it is a slight problem.

Also, I'm not entirely sure what 'Squigglevision' as you call intentionally wobbly gfx has to do with short attention spans...

The filesize/music quality issue: you're totally, totally right. To be honest, I'm not totally sure if I understood all the export quality options at the time. I may have been overly worried with making it bigger than necessary.

The part after the astronauts enter is my favourite too. :-)

I'm not at all sure what exactly you mean by 'supporting attributes'. I noticed you use this phrase a lot in the reviews. I'll maybe have to e-mail you regarding that.

constructive criticism/suggestions: 7 - Just the low quality audio.

exposition of experience: 8 - You really let me know how it made you feel. I'd have maybe liked to know whether you looked at the comments and whether you liked them or not, but that's no biggie.

praise/encouragement: 10 - Obviously easier in cases where you like the flash. But seriously, your review is great, ending on a high note, and it makes me want to animate a bit more than I did before.

clarity of expression: 6 - a few bits I didn't understand, but you do a better job than many native speakers of English.

elaboration & being specific: 10

coverage (how much): 9

overall: 9

I love the way that you focus on aspects of the 'artistry' which others don't often mention. You really seem to approach reviewing from your own angle and I really, really enjoyed reading this.

My only real complaint is the few parts that were unclear. I feel like a bit of a prick for saying that though, given that English isn't your first language.

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Sep 24, 2003
10:51 PM EDT
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