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Rammer - killer part 1

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Author Comments

hey all! im glad to say that i never streamed nething, and its only 1.2 megs! yea! oh and PLZ REVIEW! I RESPOND 2 ALL REVIEWS!!! Audio credits: Stronghold Crusader, Counter-Strike, Flashkit.com
I also got some images from google.com

Id like to thank demon0 and OmyHomyBoy for their continued support of rammer, giving me tips and stuff like that. u guys rock!
Also, this is the full first part f the game, roughly 1/3 of hte full version. the others (besides fighter) are demos of this part. im gonna hve like 12 rammer - killer submissions when im done with this whole series! lol. thats only if i do the same thing. however, no demos form ere on in. nope. none. only on my site!!!

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Nice Game. A thinkfast game is funny! Make more!

Rammer responds:

thank you, sir, but that might take a while.

Another Crack House Clean-Up

Stickdeath.com has pretty much the same game. I played it years ago. They did it much better. But seeing on how that isn't helpful as a review. Here it goes..

The characters are too basic and have virtually no form and the background work is lacking from lack of detail. Also, at times the reaction time was extremely fast.

Rammer responds:

so they do, except according to the copyright on the page, it was made 2 years after i made this. meaning that Crack House Clean-Up is "another Rammer - killer." i think that game is much lower quality - it depends on conditional reflexes rather than directional, and indeed it gives you much less time than my game here does. Rammer - killer generally gives you one half of a second to react, which seems like an eternity compared to CHCU's seemingly tenth-second reaction times.

just to reiterate, this was made in 2003, when i was 12 years old, first experimenting with flash. the art isn't good because i was using a shitty mouse and i was an equally shitty artist.


This game is the best! you are so damn good!

You are my god :P

Rammer responds:

thanks (:

how can i be a god if i'm atheist, though? O_o


Everyones bitching at you because the replay button doesnt work. Just right click and hit the button that says play. or click on the game again. you people are stupid

but anyway, its a nice game. it was very simple but addictive and satisfying. keep up the good work.

Rammer responds:

first review of 2006...on this :P

yes, that one guy gave me a zero for that replay button. "well suck a cock". yeah.

thanks for the review. (:

Getting better

It's nice that you added health bar for the boss.This was much better than the demo version,not only this was longer,it had some good music too.I'm off to play the second part.Thanks for making this awesome game.I laughed when the boss said:You have no chance to survive,make your time,hahaha.


Rammer responds:

hehe, i think you are the only person who noticed that :P