Agent Morph 2

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Hey everyone, this is the sequal to the "Not-so-good" Agent Morph. I tried a lot harder, so please leave a review on what I did better, and what I can do better.

This flash has 4,015 keyframes in it if you wanted to know. A HUGE thanks to ZawTiger, also known as Andrew Zaw who helped me out big time, thanks! Enjoy.


((( DECENT )))

The most of all was the music that kept this real, the simplistic art was kinda funny in a way, really liked the music and nice backrounds are cool...


TvP responds:

Thanks. Yea, it was decent I guess, I hope you watch my flash that I make in the future.


Great work! I'm Looking forward to the next one.

TvP responds:

I'm focusing on making more flash, and my website right now. So then, I can make Morph 3 the best of my ability.


That was very cool. I agree with the last guy, this was better than your last. I liked it. Excellent work. Keep it up! Cant wait for the 3rd.

TvP responds:

Thanks a lot man, that inspires me to make the 3rd better! ;-)

This was much better than the first one.

The voice acting was significantly better, and the animation seemed marginally improved. The plot had a fair amount of substance, but this was probably due in part to the prequel... overall, this was better -- maybe not spectacular, but still good. I was still pretty let down by the recording quality, though; the speech was a bit too breathy, and having to adjust the volume between music and dialogue got pretty annoying (again). But not bad. A little cliche, but not bad. There was certainly a lot of room to take the story.

TvP responds:

Ya, thanks for the review. Agent Morph 3, is going to be way better I can tell you that right now. But thanks anyways!

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3.00 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2003
1:07 AM EDT