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not bad

i know how hard it is to make movies, but if it were smoother and had a preloader i might have favorited it:)

what .... the ... fuck

that was absolutely terrible.... that music was so annoying..... and u can not do clay animation at all they were so fucking jumpy... and the camera was shit ^_^


Pretty cool,but you've already made episode 5 so how could it be realeased tomorrow?anyway keep em coming,could you email me on how you make this please?plus i'd like to help you in any way possible if you need anything coz i know quite a bit about flash among other things.Nice job!

Static responds:

Thanxs Nova well I gues you want to join my flash crew well Ill e-mail you soon with everything k dude!Add me to msn/hotmail and evildave_rocks@msn.com!K dude!Peace!

Good Job

I Dont Think People Realise How Much effort Goes Into Stop Frame Animating With Some Of The Reviews Here. Althou people Are Saying Stop The Choppyness, That`ll Just Make The File Even Bigger Because Of Extra Jpeg/Gif/Bitmap *Or Whatever You Used To Make This* Images. Good Attempt At It. Just A Thou Here Mind, But Have You Concidered Tracing Your Images? So Its All Flash? I Know This Is A Tedious Job, But The Filesize Will Be Alot Smaller And You Could Then Tween The Animation To Make It Smoother :), Just A Thought Anyways And Good Work.

Static responds:

Finaly you are the greatest NG user who ever lived!I thank you dude!Thanxs you for writeing your review!


Good work, you added plot! That whole thing made sense and came together. Good work again, now, just work on the file size.


Static responds:


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2.89 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2003
9:28 PM EDT
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