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Stick Fight Tutorial

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On a lot of websites, stick figures fight. They fight in kung fu style, to the glee of some people, and the frowns and flaming of others.

Then you look at some movies, and you see this immobile stick figure rotating to simulate a kick to another immobile stick figure. Um.

So I made this. A tutorial on a few fighting movements, a point to add sound effects and music, and a few method pointings.

This is much better than my last one, I might add. I hope you find it useful.

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Alright: so, the tutorial is pretty decent. Here are some things you could do for an improvement:
1. Teach how to make a run/walk cycle. One of the things I did with sticknodes when I was extremely unexperienced with it was always making the stick figures jump to move because I didn't know how to make a walk or run cycle. This thing is very important. I mean, yes, you could use the "charging" part and all, but I think going a little further into the subject of walking/running could help the watcher.
2. Teach basic animation principles. You don't need to go to far in the subject, just tell them the basics and that if they want to know more about them, tell them to "look in the internet or in books."
3. Add anticipation in your punches. That one is very important. Especially because in the next slide, you're pointing out the anticipation frames, and yet you didn't in the last one.
4. Add a way to go back one slide. Just do that, that might help a bit. A small knitpick, but hey.
But still, I think this tutorial could help a lot of beginner animators.

hay can u tell us how to atraly make the anamasons like tell us a web site that lets us or some thing

Now the animemation wasnt good even in the good bersion but i respect this video alot if people just follow what you do then there would be alot better animations out there

that really helped me alot.
thanks for the good tutorial.

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Sep 21, 2003
11:24 AM EDT