2 dudes

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Had a good punchline

I really wasn't that interested in this, because so little seemed to be happening. It didn't help that the voices and animation weren't that good. I suggest you try working on those things because it is hard to enjoy. I was not expecting that final thing with the guy who looked gay appearing. It kind of puts into perspective how much people use that term. It's been done so many times it doesn't have its meaning anymore.

You do really have to create higher quality animation. Everything just seemed so squiggly and stuff in this. I think you might have been too close to the mike or something as the voices came off as so rough. You have good writing, just try to put some more good stuff in it. It does look pretty dated by the standards of today.


That was great!Funny as hell,gotta go and see part 2 now.

Fucking Funny.

I thought it was really fucking funny. Fuck them other fucks.

Maybe the animation wasn't as good as it could have been . . . so what? I voted 5.


No preloader, play button, or replay. Repetitive, and not that funny. The whole "gay" thing is old, and is can be hateful. Good looking characters, I think you could of done a little better, just work on it.


"Your lame" would of worked just as well.

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((( I LOVE THIS )))

Ha that had me laughing out loud really, when the one guy came up hehe, i dont know what program you used but might want to clean up the art just abit, and where did you get that funny audio, anyways great flash i love it...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Two dudes kinda get ghey..


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2.27 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2003
5:53 AM EDT
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