Super Llam4

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This is my first flash game/movie/anything. It's not exactly perfect but I hope you liek it anyways.
Arrow Keys: move up/down/left/right.
Spacebar: Shoot

P.S.: It may seem slow on first 1 or 2 levels but it gets more fast-paced the farther you go. There is a high score system i am testing, also.


Perty good, a few bugs

The was pretty good, except there were a few bugs, such as, I was able to just hold spacebar and I would shoot a continuous stream of laser, and when the laser was overtop of the dying crow, it would keep giving me points, so I could just keep a stream of laser over the dyin crow and I was able to rack up about 900 points in 30 seconds on the first level.


What a wonderful game! Awful graphics, lame music, singularly repetitive gameplay, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Next please.

Denethor2000 responds:

I love you too.

hmmm... ok

a dude with lazer eyes, interesting. this is actually good for your first time, ive seen some horible games that were made by experienced flash artists. nice.

Two minor problems

The sound was horrid. The splorch noise got verrrry annoying very fast.

And then when there was something super low, it wasn't possible to get low enough to hit it.

For your first flash anything, this was great. Keep it up :)

Very Good

This game is good. i like the style and stuff. I think you need to make the beam that he fires upgradeable, and increase the damage done by enemies. Good Game!

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3.26 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2003
5:55 AM EDT
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