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-True North-

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More animation at www.Trueweaksauce.com

Although it may be easy to jump to the conclusion that this is an anti-clock film, it was not intended to make a political statement. I was just having some fun, trying to add another dimension to that which is the Clock Crew.

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a true clock epic worthy of bieng fifened untill the end of time.

Pretty good. Average

Dude, that needs some work. Still, good shit. You must make a 2nd one. If you do not, I will rape your mother. THANK YOU!

nice work

that movie woz soo funny!!!especially wen all the clocks get shot....



Loved it

Especially the bit in the end about why you should give this a five.. I definetly will! Because many clocks die. Make a sequel if you haven't already, I dunno cos this is a random portal entry I clicked on!

I LUVED IT!!!!!!!

I remebered your old web site were you had that, the orb and me and ninja kitty!!!!!! and when i found this i gave it a 5!!!!!!!! good for you!!!!!