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Author Comments

First off, I have Paul Flores's(The man who made the first immortal warrior)permission to make this.He knows me as DOMOHEIKI I suck at flash, however, and need some help. Please tell me anything that would help smooth my animation. And please don't blam, hell, don't even vote, I just want feedback so I can redo the thing better. Unless anyone likes it. By the way, the music is Kodo, off of the album Mondo head, crack those speakers ladies and gentlemen!!!

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Decent, but not quite the original

I feel that it did not quite measure up to the standards of the original, though it did have its own unique charm. The music was interesting, but it did not fit in with the combat. The drawing was good, but seemed a little worse than the original. The original was just too hard of an act fro anyone to follow, I guess. It was pretty short, too.

Here are some tips

Your drawing is a little too cartoony, meaning it is an anime on fighting yet one look at the bad guys and you would die laughing. Two, weapons seem to come out of no where, if a someone has a sword, let the sword appear before they take it out. Lastly, the music was frigen Congo Drums which does not make for a good action cartoon, you need something fast paced. Try techno or mabye even Rock from bands like Linkin Park and AFI. And it wouldn't hurt to extend the movie. Hope that helps.

yourwalletclock responds:

You are a homosexual. AFI stands for A fire inside my ass because of so much homo sex, and Linkin park simply blows. The music is Kodo, turn it up or you won't like it you stupid gay son of a bitch. You like small boys, don't you? You havn't even made a movie, your so busy with the little boys. Blade of Sight, more like Blade of GAY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

k i voted 0 on everything for a reason

the graphics are not 1/4 as good as the first one, the sound by that group 1.) doesnt work with this movie in any sense and 2.) it just fuking sux. no interactivity except pressing the play buttin, no style, you copied that other guy, who suked too. violence my ass, and it was definatley not funny. im gonna blam this

yourwalletclock responds:

OMFG!!! Suprise, you havn't submitted anything either! Why don't you people just go to hell? I wanted feedback from those who have ANY talent whatsoever, not loser nerds who have nothing better to do than flame people who they think are worse than them even though you obviously havn't tried one fucking thing. Pish off to your Xbox you little freak, no one's listening to you.

the first one is better

this one just wasnt good as the first one. The first one was extremely smooth, everything came together in harmony. You just need more action with better music. You'll do better next time.

yourwalletclock responds:

Look, no offense, but no crap dipshit. I submitted this movie so that people could help me make it better. Not to mention, Paul Flores likes me style, so if it's good enough for him so far...why would I care what you say if you're not telling me something helpful? A thank you very much

Credits & Info

2.71 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2003
7:50 PM EDT