The Ultimate Randomness

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Couple of things.
5th movie made.
Hopefully the best so far.
EVERYTHING in this movie was drawn by me, ( even the sketch of cloud ), and the impersonation of Madness.

Some famous flash series may appear at some point, e.g. ( Madness ( as mentioned ), and...er...yeah, some that I forget.

Hope you like
Incredibly sorry for the size, I'm pleased I got it under 5MB though

Vote truthfully, no "0 for no reason" losers :P.

Inspired by the speed Flash on Coffee
Inspired by the randomness of arfenhouse :D

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uh huh...



Was That Adolf Hitler Disco dancing???? :-|

yay i liked it

not bad, ive seen better but.. not bad. a litle less colors next time, i almost had a seizure :P ow my eyes!! but i liked it! and "YourAssisBrass"? shut the fuck up. you're a douche, why dont you go leetspeak your way to a girlfriend you fucking geek? yeah exactly.. anyways, fuck the bad reviewers, they suck :D

8l4T4nT R1p0fFz!!!

=->Terrible Echo Effect!<-=
. . .
Summary: The Thoughts of an 8 year old democrat who can't think up his own ideas for a decent Flash. Although i respect you for buying the $100 software and being talented enough to make uch a great sketch, you basically blatantly ripped off a Blatant ripoff, therefore making you a fag.
Facts Supporting The "Fag" Statement: Watch the movie. "There's a Barrel In here!" . . .
There's a barrel up your ass ya little faggidy metal toothed BITCH!

Dark-Homsar responds:

hey at least there wasn't any REEEEALLY BADDD VOOICIE ACTINGININN

or stolen dialogue, and it wasn't 30 seconds long ( although it was 4 megs in size )

anyway, enough of that, I KNOW THE MOVIE IS SHIT, you don't have to insult me to get the point across, I made this 2 years ago and hang my head in shame at this crap without you encouraging me to, and yes, tbh when I submitted this and watched it a couple times, I hated myself for that Barrel thing, but overall, I rate your review a 0, cause like, it was thoughtless and helped noone, wow this was long

nice try, but i think....

you need to get some of your OWN material......
the reason arfenhouse and HC returns christmas were funny is becuase they....
1) the intent>to look good, the style>almost poo (this mainly pretaining to HC returns Xmas)
2) they're own messed up random crap....not stupid rips from every flash artist in existence...have you ever seen a guy with bread for a head or cat head that constantly repeats itself over and over in another flash? mostly likely not!
3) just like 'blah', you over did it....the music needs to capture the mood and not emphasize the randomness but make it seem like you don't expect it

overall, i think this could be improved easily but i do have to admit that was one nice fanart of Cloud....if you can draw that well try using it in your serious flashes

Dark-Homsar responds:

hehe yeah, as I said, this is mega old, I know it's shit, so tbh, I knew all this already :P

But yeah, thanks for writing a decent review unlike SOME people

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3.76 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2003
4:38 PM EDT