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CronoTrigger Quest part1

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Author Comments

Im really sorry about this size and the length just thought i would get the first 1 out fast to get it started sorry :(


I dunno why movies like this piss me off

...we want endings for the films....half-built cars dont run, so why should half made flash?

I completely agree with Kid_Spike.

Makes no sense at all. No, I haven't submitted a flash to Newgrouds. Why? Because I would want to put some time and effort into it, instead of pulling something horrible out of my ass, like you did. Learn proper spelling and grammar, before telling someon they have no life. You use chat speak like it's your native language. That must mean that the internet is your life. To be conclude? It's been two f**king years, jackass. It's no terrible loss, though. I doubt any person that has a brain would actually like this big steaming pile of crap called a movie. Would it kill you to take a few extra minutes out of your busy schedule of making crap to actually pick up a book, and read something for once in your goddamned pathetic life?!? You have no right to judge someone on something they haven't done. You really crapped out a winner here, dipshit. Seriously, you made yourself look like an ass, and noone helped you! You should be proud that you are a no talent, biased, illiterate, pussy. Too many big words? Aww... too fucking bad, retard. Learn to read, learn to use proper grammar and spelling, and put some goddamned time and effort into your fucking creations, moron!!


it could be cool with better music and if it was longer. and a little tip: It look more interesting if you do something with the preloader. you know. made another picture instead the newgrounds sign. ;)

it was ok

the story was lacking
and if you have played the actual game then you would know that magus would not ask chrono for help
and the music was cool good old school music

CronoTrigger Quest Part 1

I'll help you remove some of the abusive reviews.
I can see your still new to making movies.
But its all right.
You will get better with time.

I do like your movies though!
So keep it up!

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Credits & Info

2.49 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2003
11:55 AM EDT
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