Clock Killer Episode 2

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Hopefully sorted the pre-loader now, thanks to people who told me in their reviews, reminded me to fix it (I noticed it wasn't working myself, I just did nothing about it, lazy sod that I am)

If you haven't seen the (vastly inferior) first episode then check here

I got a tabler halfway through making this, so the drawing style changes significantly around halfway through, I know that.

This episode has a basic story which will be elaborated on in the next episode. Thanks go to the 3 clocks that helped up the cast a bit, as you can tell i probably wouldn't have been able to make this effectively (without people complaining I got the Clock's genders wrong :P) without them.

Well anyway, don't take this too seriously...I didn't :P Just watch and enjoy, reviews and forms of feedback are appreciated.



the protagonist should have a voice. that is the only thing wrong with this movie. other than that it was great. i hope ep.3 is as good as this. and better.

Real Nice

That was good. The animation really improved from the last one. Sound was good, and the action scenes were really cool. And you killed clocks, which i especially enjoyed. Can't wait for the last one.

Tightropeman responds:

Thanks for the comments. Although the last one has been delayed endlessly (7 months late and counting) I'm starting work on it again. Not gonna give a date, cos I won't meet the deadline, but I promise it will be bigger and better than this in every way.


I died! hahahahahaahahahahah! That Toaster had it coming! Clock killer may be strong but toaster killer is an altime god! 2nd only to meow meow!

Tightropeman responds:

Apologies for not making it as good as it should have been, but still, thanks for being willing to take part in a little light hearted entertainment.

you are great

This movie was great, i enjoy'd so hard.You see the clock-crew banned me first,but i am back.If i then see this movie i only can say this is beautiful,but we can not kill the clock-crew :(,
they are just a part of newgrounds,i don't like them but what can i do....

The graphics are good they are well finishd,strawberryclock is the best thing you made in the movie he is so well finishd
(i don't like him).The sound is also good when the guy in the movie shoots,you heare almost a real fire shot,that's really great.Interactivity is great,i have nothing else to say about that.

Good style,now i've seen this movie i'm gonna see clockkiller one to,i can't wait till clockkiller two comes out.You made the movie really funny i like the part when strawberryclock is hitting the toaster,i really can't stop laughing then.Overall it's nice,good the best movie i've ever seen.Keep rocking

mr.maggot is back!!!

Tightropeman responds:

Thanks for the comment, although it has been delayed a long time, the next one is on the way if you still care.

I like the clock killer!!

He's really cool looking!! The action was also really cool looking too!! I love action ^.^!!! Beautiful.. Yep... Umm, I don't have anything else to say really... The clock voices were sort of annoying though... That's really why I gave the sound a lower score... I understand that it's better than nothing though ^.^;; The Clock Killer is cool!!! He's so cool! Whoo!! Go him!

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Tightropeman responds:

Thanks for the comments, constructive criticism's always good to see. Also, thanks for making awesome music. Will have to check more of it out for the next one in the series (the voices have been fixed for that one). Thanks again.

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Sep 7, 2003
1:15 PM EDT
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