How Would You Feel?

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Enjoy my newest flash, "How Would You Feel?" Please review and tell me what you think. And guys... its a joke!


its notyour newest flash anymore,hehe.

PRetty good though!Your pretyy good at animation,but that doesnt keep you from getting better at it.heheh...poor mario.

A job well done

Congrats on a good movie there. Although I have a few points.

1. Poor Mario. poor, poor mario.
2. Yeah, use solid bubbles that are cartoony and have the same colour tails.
3. Excellent music.
4. great animation on the smooth guy.

On the whole, a great movie that deserves all the praise it gets.

JCastillo responds:

Thanks bud, I'm glad you liked it!

Damn good.

Heh. What a funny and original point. Those poor poor sprites, all blocky and pixelated in this land of vectored smoothness. =(

I only have 2 suggestions. If you do indeed make a movie in this style again, change the text bubbles to a more cartoony style...white, or another solid color with a same-colored tail/arrow thing. The gradient bubbles clashed both with the text and the style of the rest of the animation. Also, see if you can't put just a touch more work into your editing. Mario's sprite had a rather hefty white outline around it in places, which should be easy to get rid of if you zoom in, since he has all square edges. When the new character walks on screen, the stretchy effect you used to show him walking across the background looked really odd, and not all that good. If you can't get a wider swatch of background to scroll under your moving characters, you can always copy and mirror the background you have and then paste it next to it's mirror. The edges will line up perfectly, and while it may look a little weird, it will look better to scroll that than stretch a too-small background oddly.

Your choice of music was fantastic, especially the techo you used on your production splash screen. I got that song off of mp3.com back in freshman year of college, and it still kicks ass. All around it's a really good movie, and it's going into my favorites. I look forward to seeing some more of your work.

JCastillo responds:

Thanks man. Its the viewers like you that take the time that you just did to help me out in that review, that I make my animations for. I really appreciate the tips you gave me, and the positive feedback you had on my movie. Thanks again!

Pretty darn funny

This was pretty funny. The punchline made me laugh because I watch a lot of movies that use sprites and I'd never thought of that before. The serious music was a great foil for the silly subject matter, making the joke all the funnier. Not bad for such a short film.

JCastillo responds:

Thanks man, yea that was my intent. Nice short joke to give you a good chuckle. I'm glad you liked it.


If your going to attempt to make fun of Sprite movies, You should atleast RIP the sprites porfessionally yourself, instead of having white al around it. Sprite Movies Kick ass. Characters Arent Real, They Dont Have Feelings. Sprite Animations (good ones.) keep your Movies coming.

JCastillo responds:

Everybody has feelings...

You, and me
Even Clocks

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Sep 6, 2003
11:46 PM EDT
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