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Derek and Kelso 2

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This is the 2nd episode of the Derek and Kalso series.




DXT responds:

What do you have here? Another useless piece of crap who has nothing better to do then to rip on people who are more talented than you.

It was alright

Just keep at er, not to much improvement over the last one but its getting there, if you need sprites why don't you just rip them off an emulator? Its how I do it. Same with sounds and music.

Also when you're replying to people's reviews don't attack them because of their scores on newgrounds... [its tacky]. Just because you're score is better still doesn't make your flash animations good (though I think it is, I'm just saying this to make a point if you can understand the prespective I'm trying to make you see things at). They're opinion is not less valid than the next since they're reviewing you as VIEWERS based on your entertainment value which takes many things into consideration, they are not reviewing as fellow flash animators. You don't have to be good at flash to hold a valid opinion. Now I'm just trying to make a point so I hope you haven't interpreted anything wrong and have become offended. Personally I find your animations to be a cut above the average sprite flash. You've got alot more potential so keep at it, you're getting better with every submission.

I gave a 7 and voted a 5, working the way up to that 10 ;)

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DXT responds:

It has to bee "alright" for you to give it a 7. I'm not realy sure why you composed a long *** review giving average constructive criticism. I don't need to rip off "sprites" off emulators just to make good backgrounds or humans. I appreciate that you like my flashes and I will continue to submit them.

Signs of Potential

I liked a few things you did, but you might want to work on the sound issues, and maybe get a better laugh track. Keep working on it.


I'd clean up the sound a bit and smooth out some of the graphics and I bet it will score higher. I like dthe "nothing ever happens around here" an dthe bus blows up behind them, ha ha ha.

DXT responds:

Bus? it was 2 cars colliding and blowing up - doih. And Flash isn't the best drawing tool and South Park has crappier animation then this and look where it's at even though it's been going downhill lately.

hmm... not good

u could prob make better... mine was better and its in the graveyard

DXT responds:

Ha ha :P

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0.78 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2003
10:34 PM EDT
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