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The Last Dinner: Part 1

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hey, me and marcus shaw spent quite alot of time on this (2 weeks+) and we just got the first part completed, Haris Uzeirbegovic helped us make the grahics better, so thanks to him, and please remember to knock on the door, to get into the house, thanks alot henry greer (sickgreer)


Wow.....why wasn't this blammed?

I don't know where to begin.....I'm somewhat dumbfounded at the apperent lack of effort that you have put into this project. I suppose I shall start with the hallway. Ok, I get that you wanted to make it "scary" but COME ON my s%&# looked better than that! The background music was stupid and redundent, not to mention it was sterotypical of the "horror" genre. The only good point in this "animation" was you motion tweens however, this is only because it's scrolling. So you don't get all pissy with me about this, if you don't want to recive bad reviews do NOT submit crappy work!

well written

all i have to say is its a great movie and the title is perfect for the movie

too short...

it was really gud, the graphix 'n' all, but way too short, i know its only ep:1, but i think that an epesode shot b at leaste 3 times as long...
wot the heck neways, i think is was ,mint...looking forward for #2

keep it up!

Not bad at all

I liked it, good job. Looking forward to part 2. Bring it on!

You're a month early

This would have been perfect for halloween.

Pretty good, will watch part 2.

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2.88 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2003
11:14 AM EDT
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