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SBC Pong

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Made an "intro" and made the pads move with the same speed ^_^

After a hard times work, Rangi and I (BAFA), has made this Strawberry Clock Pong game for your amuzement. So far we have only made a two player version, but we hope you will have as much fun playing it, as we had making it ^_^

Lower player: Left and right arrow keys
Upper player: z and x keys.

Please vote fairly, as we have spendt a lot of time on this game. We are, ofcourse, in the progress of making a one player game, but for now, you'll just have to deal with some social activity.


sorry dude,

it was to easy, i leave it in one place and the points just rack up,


i got the platform thingy at an angle so i can rack up points with out doing anything.... therefore, too easy~ :P

Good start

You've got the beginnings of a decent game here.

Apart from the fact that 2-player games generally don't work on a single keyboard (being more suited to a console, or netwok play), I suggest you sort the following things.

- Let folk see the 'ball' before the game starts.

- Stop the bats moving off the screen.

- Have a sound effect for when the ball hits a bat, a different one for when it hits a side wall, and a different one for when a point is scored.

- Maybe have some bgm with a button to turn it on/off.

- Wite the instructions in-game. Rather than have them in your author's comments, write them on the screen before you start.

- Actually have an end-game state. Make it so that maybe up after one player has score 10 points, it ends the game and states who won.

If you did that, it would be a decent 2-player pong game. As it is, it's slightly below average. And another point was docked for the unoriginal concept and lack of 1-player action.

Stay funky,

This is easy

the other pong thing never moved...

BAFA responds:

If you read the descriptions, you would have read that this is a two player game ^_^

I played one player

One player mode is the best. This game is ok, but it needs more I guess. Control both players and maintain a score of 0 for both players for 10 minutes and win a prize.

BAFA responds:

Well, if you can do that, you make have an ice cream ^_^

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2.65 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2003
5:12 AM EDT
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