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Jo-Jo the Flying Gorilla+

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Author Comments

Lets face it PETA sucks and the more they're offended and made fun of the more likely they are to develop a low self esteem have apathy for their cause, hopefully.
Now your probably wondering if I made this movie solely for the purpose of pissing of PETA.
Well the answer is no, I Originally thought the idea of a gorilla being fired at a wall was hilarious and should be made into a movie to allow others to enjoy the same sick humor. Then I figured I could make it really gory and bloody to piss off PETA.
It's sort of a two birds with one stone thing.

Anyway, I hope you like it or were are so repulsed that you just have to write a bad review.

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Erm... Okay.

Well, the style for this animation was decent and unique. I can't say that I personally liked the message, but you did accomplish what you were trying to do, so I can't rate this down. Kind of funny in a random sort of way, and putting jokes in the preloader was a good idea.

Good joke man

The movie was pretty good, i like the idea
And as for any peta supporters how does it feel to be part of a terrorist organization.
I mean the documented support of firebombers and dumb beliefs and all.
eating a cheeseburger and punching peta members.
Ps check out peta2 the dumbness is hilarious

Uuuhh...yeah okay then...you're a cool kid...

That really sucked...Not just because I'm a fan of peta, which I am, but because it didn't really diss peta that much...Have you seen the South Park episode that was about peta? That was funny...This really wasn't...I mean there was nothing really boooo peta about it...it was just like, "Yay! I like hurting animals go me!" it wasn't really boo peta. But I'm assuming that's because you don't know much about peta, which is understandable...I mean come on! All you need to know about something is that it's different and it wants to change your world. The rest doesn't matter because...it's different. Asking questions about it and actually learning about how peta, as an organization, think and feels and wants to change things would take and make you look smart. And plus what kind of incentive was that? That was really sad. You were trying to make peta people feel bad? You failed dude...You failed really hardcore.

MAYBE so that next time you don't look like such a huge douche you should check out peta2.com

Great movie!

Yes, PETA does suck! They are trying to make everyone in the world vegan. Animals don't have rights, because only humans have the capacity to make smart decisions.

In addition, PETA doesn't do what they stand for! They have euthanized most of the animals that are donated to them, and there have been accounts of PETA euthanizing the animals after the driver of a vehicle picks them up (while the vehicle is still moving). I don't call that "ethical"!


PETA: look its a cute squiril! i hope it dosent get extinked! lets chop his balls off so he cant reproduce!

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2001
6:23 PM EST