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-Check out the latest project from Turner Animation Games: "Spec Ops"

This is a new game we're working on so it is not complete yet. We wanted to show you a little bit of it so here's the demo. This has got a story, practice, and a mission(the mission isn't entirely done yet so it is kind of short). The game is just taking off so there may be some glitches or problems with it, I know. The full version should be released in about a month, so keep your eyes open for "Spec Ops".
Glitches/Problems(From v1):

-On the first part of the mission you can't really see the people and I'm sorry for that, I'll fix it.
-Once you actually kill the first two guys(if you can find them) then you have to right click and select play and it will continue.
-In the second part of the mission(inside the building) the people come back up after you shoot them. I realize this and have tried to fix it already. I'm still working on it guys so chill out.

Thanks for checking out this demo and I hope you liked it enough to keep a look out for the full-version later on this month!

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can't wait for the proper game!

You're the saviour! You are one of a number of people who have helped keep this entry in the Portal!

yay i helped keep this on the portal... glad to help - nice working piece of demo you released! the target mouse cursor is a pretty cool feature, the menu interface is stylish and well done, the background music and sound effects/elements were crisp and on sync.. the moving of the mouse cursor was smooth, as well as the animation and the controls.. the stat/health bar and the face illustration during the gameplay was a stylish lookin' feature... good job - can't wait to see the finished product.


It looked nice, but it was kinda short. I hope the full version will come soon.


Seems like it will be a good game but to everyone who keeps putting out demos and trailers...Please people...Just fucking stop...It's just annoying...


It was good that you had a storyline, and the ratings thing at the start was funny, but fuck man, I know it aint finished, but I shot two guys and it was over. Why do you put it on NG while its in such an unfinished state? What could look good now looks stupid because its unfinished. And saying its unfinished dosent really suspend our judgement.
The storyline was a tad far fetched as well.
Keep workin at it though. But really, wait til its finished.

Screw the demo

come out with the real one