Kirby's Kalamity 1.2

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We now continue from where we last left our heroes as they are about to do battle with a new enemy.

If you enjoyed part one, then you should like part 2 even more.

Once again, thanks goes to GreatSaiyaKirby, T0mmy and Newgrounds.com for helping this flash become a reality. :)


It's still good.

It's not perfect, mind you, but it is a lot better than the first one. Keep it up and try to go for full animation next time!

Oh, and Cutter333, he didn't make himself a godly character, if he was then he wouldn't have "fainted." Plus, since it's his flash, he can make YL and Kirby good friends, and make them as experienced as he wants them to. What you're practically telling this guy to do is to take the road mostly traveled on, making his version of Kirby as everyone thinks he should be. That's not cool.

The fact that he did something a little different was pretty cool, and you have no right to slap him around for not making Kirby fit your perverse standards.

To answer your questions

The Rock Demon didn't do that attack until the end because it wouldn't have been nearly as cool. Ever seen those limit breaks in FFVII? After enough damage was incurred you could do a really cool attack. And let's face it, during the final fight, if Sephiroth casted his killer move at the beginning and kept doing it, it wouldn't be a very fun battle.

And the rock-demon copy thing did only 5 damage because it was an attack of the same type of the monster. DUR.

Anyway, good job YL, keep it up, do more animating and don't be afraid to keep trying.

Make it stop...

I don't know what's worse, the movie or your ego. Way to whore yourself out there, making yourself the godly character with twice as much HP as Kirby, and then making a big deal out of yourself. I mean, why the hell would Kirby give a crap about you, anyway? "Okay, now it's personal!" No, it's not. See, to put it simply, you are a godmod. Go back to sprite comics, eh?

And you couldn't even animate your characters attacking... Oh, and back to the god-modding. Oh no, I'm going to sacrifice myself to save the main character! I'm so cool! Not really. And if the "Rock Demon" could do an attack like that all along, why didn't he? He had plenty of time. And then when Kirby gets pissed off, he goes all overdramatic, and goes into an unrealistic super form just to kill off 5 HP. 5 FREAKING HP.

The graphics were bad, as well. You can't even do a simple shape tween, so you try to change the colors yourself, which looks alright for the lightening, but for everything else, it doesn't work. Sound...Annoying voice clips, and looping music. Meh.

I just don't get it

I mean seriously, death threats just because they won't admit your movies are good...

Oh, nice movie by the way.


this is so stupid its funny, dude, its like, you nevver got better, i bet that im the only one that probably watched the movie TIL the end, well you got LOTS to fix. and try to work harder on your movies, the makers should be proud of what they make and try their best


I couldn't stand it after 20 seconds

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3.80 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2003
10:36 AM EDT
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