EvilSan's stocktake sale

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Ok. Here it is. This is a collection of all the little half flashes I have made that never really went anywhere. The theory is that 7+ halves = 3+ whole flashes. 3+ flashes in the one download? That's great value!
Anyway, I put a varying degree of effort into the flashes featured here, but I put a whole truckload of effort in to the presentation of this bitch. I really look forward to feedback on this.
Oh yeah... this is the last flash I am making as 'evilSan'. It's not that big a deal, I just got sick of the name. So like that, I want to be known as 'asdfsdfg' from now on. If that's alright with everyone else that is. That's where the stocktake sale comes into it - everything has got to go!! Bargains galore!! Yeah, anyway... I hope you enjoy this.

--argh!!! The sound has been killing me on this one. I thought I had ironed out all the bugs, but it seems not. Yeah, the Hanshadow song is not meant to start playing in the Random one. Grrrr... I'll fix it later. Please tell me if it does anything else strange like that.


no wat man

i dont like little half flashes. so oviously i wont like llot ov them in a dam menue. i hate it sry. heres sum advice: never do this again.


the first nmovie was kinda bad, and the sec movie was even bader. the third movie tottally sucked, as nothing happened when it said "push start button" or something, cus it didnt work. after that, all the other things went back to the kirby shit, so all in all, it sucked, cus all i got to see was how that fat blobb was made, some sprite moving around and two retards saying motherfucker... that suxed.
pls fix dat bug an i'll fget yoo a bettr raté

MetaphorcE responds:

You obviously clicked on some of the stuff when they were still red, and that's why it kept going back to the kirby one... because that was how far the movie had loaded so far... moron >_<

unbareably secksay

haught liek soulrifters mom.... what more can i say? <3

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MetaphorcE responds:

To find the sexiest part of the movie, go to watch the J3nnica dancing bit, but on the description screen, click on 'here' instead of clicking on the button which it points to.
OMFG plz don't kill me.

Not to bad..

not to bad at all..

Good work

Good work dude :) Why are you changing your name? Evilsan is kwel!

I like them all. Please, do more like this. Please! Please! I need them as the Coke in my blood!

Ah! The coke! :P

I saw that you don't changed the bugs... uh-oh... Yeah... it has some bugs... but is ok, they have enough blood and humor and that's enough ;)

MetaphorcE responds:

I like asdfsdfg better. see? it's seemingly random, but then, it isn't. it is perfectly ordered. which describes me to a tee. I was never really that evil, nor really that san.

But more stuff? hmmm... yeah I should get off my arse and do some. I am going to try doing my next flash with preproduction and everything rather then just jumping in flash and doing whatever springs into my mind at the time. ie: I am going to take a more professional attitude to my next flash. If I ever get around to making it. good grief, it has taken months since my last major solo project for me to get even this malformed thing out. that is, don't hold your breath. I may be a while.

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Sep 3, 2003
12:27 AM EDT
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