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Viewers Like You

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Thanks to all of you who gave informative/well thought out reviews! The general consensus has been that this was:
1) VERY original
2) Pretty funny to absolutely hilarious on the humor scale
3) Poorly drawn/animated
I'll have to work on my art skills, I guess. But I would like to point out that the two main characters are drawn without much detail on purpose (see my response to review #1 for explanation).
Before or after every show on PBS, they acknowledge the people/companies/organizations that helped to make the broadcast possible. There's the Learning Foundation, the Children's something-or-other, and then there's Viewers Like You. But they never really explain whether they're just thanking their viewers who make donations, or if Viewers Like You is the name of some company or organization. Call me a crackpot, but this is my theory of what Viewers Like You actually means...

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It was alright not too bad, seemed kinda long I didnt wanna finish watching this...


this has got to be the funniest animation i've ever seen...very nicely done...keep it coming


That made me laugh real good, and kept me interested all the way until the end. Good job! This is going on my favorites. Go watch my Reading Rainbow cartoons, PBS rules!

This review is made possible by the annual financial support of the Children's Association of America, and by Viewers Like You.


Well done well done.. i like it a lot.. well aren't the characters supposed to look bland and plain?..... great work seriously.. you definatly have to keep it up.... or else..

very good

I liked that alot.

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4.18 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2003
9:11 PM EDT