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Sinjid Battle Arena

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The new Sinjid is out! Play it now at:

If you want a strategy guide, go to our site, www.infrarift.net and go to "features."

See the old man's advices in the game if you're having troubles.

Have fun!


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I enjoyed playing. I'm glad I found this game from 16 years ago for me to play. I played through once on the easiest difficulty to learn the game, and another time on the hardest difficulty because I enjoy challenges. I have 5 criticisms:
1. The player power spikes a bit too hard. I played on terminator difficulty, and after I beat level 5, the game became much easier (I prioritized speed upgrades)
2. The game mentions bonus effects from suits and swords, and only gives details for dragon's eye suit. I'd prefer it if I was told what the effects of each of the suits and weapons are.
3. I dislike the lack of information in the weapon and suit shop as well as the abilities. You can only learn about the items after you've purchased them. I'd like it if the abilities let you know how much damage they'd do.
4. There's a bug where if you have some armor or weapon and you restart the game, your new game will give you normal stats, but it'll treat you as if you still have that armor or equipped. If you change your equipped armor or weapon, you'll lose stats. I managed to get negative hp on my character. (starting another new game fixes this issue though, so it's not that bad of a bug)
5. The player as well as the enemy don't always die when they drop to or below 0 hp. The player is able to consistently cheat death.

I enjoyed the upgrade system & the simplicity of the game. The terminator difficulty felt perfect for the first few levels. The later levels were easier, which is nice because it made me feel like I picked strong upgrades.


Wow that was great, the amount of effort was just intense, hard work really does pay off, the play respnce was some of the best, the character animation was superb, the game style and reaction was killer, this should be on ps2 or somthing, wow awsome style and awsome character, i love it make the full soon plz

amazing game no changes needed


Jeez i feel old

Inglor responds:

Me too, when we worked on this I was 14

I'm generally not into RPGs, but this wasn't bad. I thought this would be about you fighting in an arena. It was just a standard RPG battle instead. I still appreciate all the fine details. I'm not very good at this game. I lost after two fights!

The music is pretty good. The animation doesn't seem to hold up that well. I like how you have full health on every battle. You really do have a lot of options. It was pretty fun.

One of my favorite old games. :)

I'm not really sure what to say other than it's a fun RPG. ^^;

The only problem is that there seems to be a few bugs (glitches) here and there. :(

On Beginner Mode at least on the final boss, the Gel Skeleton, I seemed to still be alive when I have less than 0 health, and the Golden Armor at least at 500 Gold can be bought without actually spending the money for it. o.O

Sure their really good bugs that work out in your favor, but their still bugs. XD

P.S. The third armor called Dragon Eye Armor at 100 Gold and the Third Eye skill at 5 Exp. isn't just good for seeing the enemies' health, but for seeing invisible enemies too, like the deadly reapers that can do an Instant Kill on you. :( I think the first one is on the 7th Stage (I should have a good memory for this). I hope that helps. :)

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4.25 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2003
4:43 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature August 31, 2003
  • Weekly 2nd Place September 3, 2003

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