Dead 2 Rights

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This is just a quick parody of D2R the beginning b4 you start the actual game!


Absolute rubbish.

Dead To Rights was a great game that deserves better than this piece of crap. You must think you're so clever playing the strip club music over the exterior of a prison. That's supposed to be a gay joke, right? The game music sounds like you used a tape recorder and held it up to your TV. In fact the overall audio was just terrible, especially your dialogue. Basically there's nothing redeeming about this mess.

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was it supposed to be funny?

If it was,i hope you know that it wasnt.Youll have to get better then this..,.


riight... parody? hardly... dont find it funny at all.. and yeah... the arms look funny... hahaha... i guess that was funny so that deserved at least 1 point in humor..

Needs a lot of work...

You should really work on your flash skills... The graphics were kinda horrible and the voice was bad as well.. Take some more time on your next flash


OK you need to take sometime off and practice on flash badly. The graphics are just too sucky and please STOP using your voice!! the sound was as bad as your other bad creation Resident Evil:Real Life. Now since we got to that topic why havent you finish it? Other than that please dude just take sometime to get better at flash.

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1.67 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2003
12:03 PM EDT
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