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final fantasy X parody

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as seen in the title, this is a parody. not only ffx but also matrix as well. the story focuses mainly on kimahri. (if u haven't played the game, u won't understand a damn thing in this cartoon). i do hope people will enjoy this cause it took me 3 months to make it. most of the jokes revolves around the ffx story and some from me. i might not make more of ffx cause the characters are kinda hard to draw. and i know some won't understand the story of this but i hope these points will help

the story is about kimahri being useless and weak and pushed around by the others

and the ending is actually about him daydreaming the whole thing

anywayz, i hope u enjoy it. and please be kind wit the remarks. and oh yeh, i used newgrounds preloader cause i dunno how to make it. thanx newgrounds

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Nice job

I love the animation you did. The story itself is funny in my opinion.

Good animation BUT

the story wasn't very good, it wasn't funny and the voices weren't good either.

I like it

How you chose to make it about how kimari kinda sucks was good, I never used him cause his sphere grid was ridiculously small, I wound up using Yuna Tidus and Rikku, she's actually really good.


The animation was good, you synced it very well, but I did not like the voice acting or the overall storyline. I didn't really get the point of having some of the cameos you chose in the movie either.

I think if you remade this, or did a continuation of it with other voice actors and more of a plot (or even more humor), it would be amazing. Keep it up! :)


could use a remake of voice acting. other than that it was fine. but the jokes were... a little childish. don't stop animating though.