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Another short comedy bit, but this one is better than my last. You know that Arby's commercial with the ovenmitt who says he has no nose? Well, this is a parody of that commercial with voices by me and psycho_nuts. Also, in Minnesota, three Arby's have burned down so this might be funny to those who live in Minnesota. Be sure to watch afterword as Ovenmitt takes out his anger on other mascots. Enjoy!



lol, awesome i thought you had lost your sense of humour judgung by the last ones i saw, but this was great keep it up!


Good stuff I hate that goddamn oven mitt!I wish our "Arbys"would burn to the ground,if for no other reason,just to piss off my sister(she thinks that shit is cuisine).Also if you made a continuation of"Grimace"&"Oven mitt"decimating"Hamburger Land"that would kick some fat ass.


This is a good movie, let me first clear up some unresolved issues:

Don't listen to all these negative shit reviews, the people that write them are more often than not, people who have been breast fed petrol, and beaten in their childhood, if they aren't still inside their childhood.

This was a good movie, the only thing that needs real tweaking, are the voice speeds and sound quality, and also the graphics.

Also...if you don't mind taking out the purple penis/dildo. It's unergonomical to your movie I believe.

Although it's really up to you.

It's good to see an author with more IQ than the space in miles between his eyes for once, unlike most of the clowns who "diss" your movie.

Maybe you should make a movie starring Ovenmitt where he takes out all the losers who breed these morons. *Shrugs*

Thanks. Keep up the good work.



that was funny. i liked the commercial thing that described the sandwich with 'hard to pronounce bread' and... other stuff was funny too i forgot most of it. i wasn't really paying attention, but i remember laughing at some point so you get a good score.

that sucked

That was not funny at all. You also lied when you said mild nudity. Also, what was the blue thing, his dick.

mmark-oldflash responds:

Geez, I am sick of people only watching Flash movies for nudity. I only put mild nudity because he has a dildo. What were you expecting? Sheesh.

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3.71 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2003
11:30 PM EDT
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