Zlobin Toys

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This ain't an entertainment or action movie. It's slow AND disturbing. Please do not be disappointed.

And avoid to pause the movie or control it with your right button. Because if you do the titles will mix up spoiling the timeline

1. Is there so much Russian about it that us Americans can't just get a grasp of?
No. By comparing your revs to ones by my natives I figure out you're more open to the message
2. Is Zlobin a Russian tradition?
Not quite. There is Zlobin in Byelorussia. And the toy-factory where workers're payd with toys they produce so they have to sell it at the railstation. But I had no intention to insa.lt those people and my story has no direct relation to them.
3. WTF?
This is a love story about rel-ships betwen man and woman. All the rest's just a metaphor. Try to think it this way and I believe you'll solve the puzzle.
4. What's that in the old lady's bag?
It's a chicken
5. Will there be a follow up?
I was thinking about sequel... probably

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Chalked full o metaphors.

I liked it,
fairly different than your other videos,

It's a love story, and that's all I need to know,
part of what makes art art is interpreting things like metaphors in the only way that you yourself can.
Just watch it, and figure out what it means to you.


This has the capacity to have been a good piece, everything is suitably creepy and unusual, except for one thing: the stupid radioactive car alarm. That's just silly. The other stuff is good.

You are right it is deppressing

Your videos are full a deppresment.... The love of your life leaves you and however long it was he comes back and it turns out he is a toy. that is depresment that it disturbing that is a master peice

WOW it is indeed depressing.

thats what happens when you use LSD.


U know...

About those FAQ's....Im Russian,but i truly didn't get this movie too,like Americans..But may be that's because i live in USA for (only) 7 months...Anyway,i think i liked this movie less than any other movie u made,but...im sorry,that's what i think..And btw....Russkie - samye luchshie!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 28, 2003
9:05 AM EDT
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