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!Multiple Movies Bonanza!

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Author Comments

The deal here is, if I make a movie that gets blammed but gets good reviews, I add it onto this one.

For Stoned_Gorilla
I Like Cake
Tim_Taylor Adventures
Kill Mother
The Showdown
Pube Muppet Goes To France
_gReT sMaRmi eDDie bORin
What The Bloody Hell?

NOTE: Some of the movies don't play. I am fixing the problem.

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This Is Not A Game!!! Its A Movie! Jackass....

It was interesting

Well this was sorta interesting, the names that went up so fast was too fast, maybe slow it down abit, also you may want to compress the file abit

compress the file abit and slow the animation just abit.

Needs abit of work but its an ok flash


A bad blammed collection, a very bad cartoon

Multiple Movies Bonanza is a collection of blammed movies by the auther "you fucking cunt" in which he add's movies of his which are blammed into a collection so people can still see them. Like all the other blammed collections that are out there, this one also feels like an attempt to get bad movies to pass judgement by putting them in a collection.

For Stoned_Gorilla: For somebody who's made two cartoons about dead people they miss (their cat and livecorpse) it seems quite inappropiate that the auther makes a cartoon being cruel to someone who is dead or they want to be dead. I have not researched the whole story about Stoned_Gorilla but by the looks of it he was a talented flash artist who offended somebody in one of their cartoons and got banned. By the looks of it the auther is being a hypocrite here as he is doing exactly the same as what stoned_gorilla is doing. 1/10 (sorry if i got any infomation about stoned_gorilla wrong)

I Like Cake: a poorly drawn and animated cartoon about enjoying cake. not very good. 2/10

Snail: the movie snail did not seem to work 0/10

Tim Taylor Adventures: i poorly made cartoon which i actually enjoyed as it has one of my friends old cartoon reviews on there (he made tribute to a moron). It kept my interest but the joke wern't funny 4/10

Kill Mother: a poorly made game with bad graphics and sound 1/10

the showdown: this cartoon just annoyed me and gave me a headache. the graphics, sound, animation and idea are all poor 1/10

Pubemuppet goes to france: seen it all before, total crap. 1/10

Arseholes: this was just general crap. i don't see how anybody could enjoy it. a list of people the auther dislikes on newgrounds to the who wants to be a millionaire soundtrack. poor.

Great_smarmi_eddie_borin: this entire cartoon is just a poorly drawn person crying and masterbating. 1/10

What The Bloody Hell: a poorly made and drawn music video that i enjoyed but on slightly. the rainbow effects don't give it any justice. 2/10

Well you can tell why all these cartoons were blammed. They are either poorly made, a cartoon just made to take the piss out of people the auther doesn't like.

A bad blammed collection, a very bad cartoon 2/10


yea they all shouldve been blamed....exept the showdown and the last one
man that pupe muppet can talk a lot of shit

an the last one... better than the rest


I reckon I Like Cake, Pube Muppet Goes To France, and The Showdown should all have survived. Funny stuff.

You-Fucking-Cunts responds:


Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2003
10:11 AM EDT