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Another little comedy bit I did in about two days. I got bored after finishing 4 straight episodes of Comet Magnum so I made this. If you've ever made an anime flash or are considering one, watch this movie. Enjoy the music too. Fresh from the NG portal.


Good lesson!!

I liked a lot!! I was laughing all the time with the blackboard's subliminal messages...and that's why I didn't catch all the lesson... but... what the hell!! I'll see it again!!!

A good flash about anime.

This was a pretty good flash about anime. The graphics here were the weakest part. You could have used a bit more animation, and the graphics could have been drawn a bit better. Still, they were decent. The style here was great (I liked the blackboard, and I also watched the main flash). However, it was a bit slow, so the flash started to get boring. The sound here was perfect, as the voicing was done really well. Finally, there is some humor here, especially with the uninformed guy's responses.

I am a pretty hardcore anime fan, and I never watch anime on TV. I've never seen one second of Dragonball Z, Gundam, or Naruto, but I've watched tons of non-mainstream anime. Even though I knew basically all of the stuff in the flash (except for the 1920's anime), it was still very good. Overall: 7/10


Well, graphics can use improvement but very good. I am an Otaku but not a dumb one. <.< >.>

I have seen the following series:
DNangel, Sister Princess, Evangelion, Getter Robo, RahXephon, AstroBoy, Gundam, G Gundam, Marzinger Z, Madlax, Elfen Lied, Inuyasha, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, Gravion, Gravion Zwei, Steel Angel Kurumi, Pretty Much all of Gainax's animes and alot of others I can't think of right now. T.T

Oh man that's hardcore anime

Oh man that was amazing now I know more then anyone should know about anime *cough* Amazing

Funny and informative at the same time.

This is funny as hell, I saw this a year ago and have just found it again.

You mentioned quite alot of anime that most people won't know (Lupin the Third, Patlabor, Astro Boy, etc). There were a couple of mistakes with dates and you mispronounced Lupin!

Anyway very funny, keep up the good work.

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Aug 26, 2003
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