Tank rampage

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This is my first "real" Movie.

The movie is made nearly completly in 3D.

Im sorry for the music quality, i had to make the filesize smaller( im sorry if its to big).

So if you have the time to load the movie, please leave a review on what you like, what i could do better etc.



justademon, u've obviosly been raped by ur father,

so go hump a tree. Wait, its Friday, so you already are, my mistake.

Back to my rating.
Don't ever apologize for file size. A good movie won't be under 500 kb, correct me if I am wrong, anyone. You should study up on the human walk, and animate your characters with is, and your rating here will get better. Tank was excellently drawn, and I'm sure that you've gotten a feel for flash and all your flashes since have been better. I'm goona chack out your page and see what else youve got.

Good try, man.

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i like it

the 3d is nice, but its put together kinda choppily... mebbe think about doing 3d for the chases and all the stuff ur good at and do some 2d stuff when people are involved... 4/5 i loved the peter gunn theme for the intro... didnt fit the rest of the movie tho

hum..You better continue doing the 3d animation

Man...If you could make the music a BIT better, icould givya a 7!and...
You make cool 3D animation, but,dude...never do those guys again...They have sh/t animation and next time try to make a story, like the mad-car, or something like that...

I hope you make BETTER animations
( "I believe" )

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Yeah it was 3d which was kind of cool. But they crappy characters and explosions just made the whole thing look bad.
And there could have been a bit better story then the tank just going and shooting a couple of things.
But a cool idea.


I geuss its ok, but the explosions sounded crappy.

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2.71 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2003
4:09 PM EDT