Just Another Day 2- Again

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The sequal to JUST ANOTHER DAY ...watch the first before this one please. All your favorite stupid characters are back! Erik, Freak Man (Erik's gramma) and Spidie! This one is a little more mature rated. Spidie curses his little mouth off. Enjoy! Or don't...


Well done

The thing that stood out the most for me watching this was the spiders voice and his attitude, he just made this so enjoyable. I also liked the little touches that you included in this flash short like the guy having a ghostbusters logo on his shirt among some rock bands, very cool. You didnt just stick to the one scene either which kept the entertainment levels high. Overall a great job at bringing the funny.

Hell ya!!!!

I'm so glad you made this into a series! I loved the first one (even put it on my favorites), you should really make more of these.

Mek1985 responds:

jesus i was wondering when you'd finally see it

Better than the first one

Make another one please.
You do this shit good.

Mek1985 responds:

The series is over now. It has evloved into the Spider episodes. Thank you for the support though! :-)


I really have nothing to say except that sucked.

Mek1985 responds:

Yeah, I agree.
Flash by sickofyou31:
- none -
But I still say put up or shut up.


ummmmm a guy wearing a ac/dc shirt jamming to some gay tunes, thats fucked up... Should of made it Highwall to hell or something

Mek1985 responds:

No. Erik dances to whatever I make him dance to...BWA HA HA HA HAAA

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Aug 25, 2003
1:19 AM EDT
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