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Pilot Episode: DX pt.2

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Ok, good news and bad news.
The good news, is that there is sound in this one and I'm going to be working my ass off for the actual episodes, but a heads up, backgrounds will change, characters may not......
Now for the bad news, since school is coming up, the episodes wont be coming out for a while, so be patient, and any suggestions as to what you would like to see will really help, thx! :)
(p.s., Props are given to those who have found the secret ending)

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about when the blonde guy was almost defeated, the er.. energy looked like designs for a sword thingy ^.^ try to make better characters than shapes put together. just some constructive criticism.

fier of hell give me strenght?

That sounds like a cheap-ass ripoff of Justice
Friends. (Not that i like 'em.)


I think it shows that this series will show it's true potenial at this show will find out soon enough


That was great! Excellent work! Keep it up!


I may just give it a reviewscore of 5, but I really liked it! Not because of the drawings, or the cheezy animation, but some of the ideas you have for making effects. Like the "3d" when the fires of hell are eing summoned, og the shaking effects used from time to time. It inspired me, thats for sure. I'd really never thought so :)
Added u as a favorite for that.

Other than than, work on your drawing and animation, and I'm sure you'll claim some prizes ;) You'll have to work hard though :p