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You may not know stoned_gorilla , but he made 4 movies making fun of bassclock's friend, damon. 2 got removed. But fuck, he makes me want to fucking punch a wall and rip his head off.

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i can see where you where coming from and i think its good for you to stand up to sombody lie this, you should really stick to claymation, as for tha fag who replied this animation before me, you have no sense of decency so go back to ya momas basment


Just to let you know, this would have been a smash hit if you had made it out of clay.

You suck at Flash, but you're really, REALLY talented with clay and stop-motion filming. I wish you would make more films like "Trouble."

stoned-gorilla > than you.

This was one of the stupidest diss-flashes I have ever watched. You might hate stoned-gorilla, but his animation skills own your face. I hope he makes a flash where someone is surfing on your dead friends body like weekend at bernies.

Don't even get me started on the sound. The levels were way off, and the redneck sounded just like the interviewer with clothing pins clamped on his balls.

I'd rather watch old video game parodies than ever waste my time with trash like this. I wish newgrounds filtered no-effort crap like this.

True... True...

Well i got to admit, he did make SOME half-descent flash videos, like, but geez


Your actions are simply giving Stoned_Gorilla more undeserved attention.

Although I agree, he is a spiteful, (almost) no-talent hack who should die for making those movies.

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Aug 23, 2003
6:44 PM EDT
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