w.w.t.b.a.m. v2.0by joshR

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an updated version of w.w.t.b.a.m. 1 by the josh. this ones got sounds, and now lifelines!


It was interesting but

This was interesting a slight entertaining value to it but still i think you could have put some more effort maybe some flashy effects but thats just me

Add more effects with this



yeah, you added sounds to this one, but the gameplay and graphics are no better than the first version, and the sounds you did add are annoying and sound like some kid getting hit in the stomach.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Yikes. It was pretty bad :[

^^Needs Improving^^
This one was even worse than the first. The questions didn't even make sense half of the time. They were simply your opinion on various things, which makes them really hard to answer correctly. Annoying sound effects as well.


Honestly, this flash could have been good, but instead was just so boring I stopped playing after a few questions. Just 1 set of questions that made for no replay value. The sound you put in may have been worse then no sound at all, it hurt to listen to. I could just click the lifelines almost infinitely, so I had liek 10 instead of 3, so that didn't work. Yet you still were unable to make this any fun, taht was the main problem.

OWWW, frikken sounds

You get a ten in violence cuz the sounds made my eardrums pop!

thejosh responds:

that's what I was going for.

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1.92 / 5.00

May 19, 2000
8:49 PM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz