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There are 7 endings (you die in 6 of them)if you cant find allof them try clicking on the cages or the black
windo. i you have any sugestens for more endings put them in you review. i plan to finish the woods next,then i'll finish Kristen's room and the remote! enjoy!
I finished the woods
5 more endings! die in 4 win in 1!If you can't find them all try clicking on holes or mud puddles.
next i will finish the maze.

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Dude that sucked

What the hell was that that was a wast of fuckin time Damn that was so fuckin bad


you already entered this named to kill a boy its the same one but it was ok apart from yhat maybe the link goes to the wrong page???

((( OK )))

Well it was ok, i liked the art in the backrounds, and cool colors used, the film needed more sound/FX, i think arms and leegs look better on character but then i do understand that hand and feet are basicly easier to work with, funny flash...

MOVIE COMMENYARY: Interesting...



It was funny I laughed at some parts... It should've been longer...

Clock Sucks,
All hail to the ACCC (Anti-Clock-Crew-Crew)
I have a crew, I have a crew, I have a crew, and I'm the boss and not you lalalalalala, nah nah nah nah nah :b


It was an ok game I thought the ending when you save the sister was really funny... The game needs some things I think like maybe where you can use the items and maybe you can make it where you fight to the death... I dunno. anyway good job!