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Create a new image and add it to the online gallery... Enjoy! :)



This is the best game in Newgrounds! It's so totally cool I wanna play this game for the rest of the day.

<Not sarcasm>
Ok, if your gonna make crappy games like this then heres an idea, DON"T SUBMIT IT!!!!!

how to put this in one word?


eheh betcha u didnt see that coming and yes it is all in one word all you gotta do is just say it fast under one breath...

Well it....

It kinda sucked hard man.

U should try hard next time and if you wanna make a game like this then betta make it more detailed and choose vectors other than cutting out images !!!!

if u wana get an idea how to make one u betta visit


and please dont post this crap again untill u've changed it!!!


Its alright, i only gave it a 7 because of thr gallery

Well, it's not as bad as folk make out.

But really, whilst you seem to be (a) decent programmer(s), you really don't seem to have imagination at all.

Yet another unoriginal idea, this one mildly diverting and at least here the different artwork makes a real difference to the 'game'. Still, this one's not really interesting for longer than the time it takes to look at your style and see a few different pictures. (about 20-30secs)

I notice you've left NG. I take it that's because of all your poor feedback? I've been disheartened by feedback too, but maybe rather than despair, you could simply view it as a challenge to gain the acclaim of the audience?

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1.76 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2003
4:47 AM EDT
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