time to dance v3

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this is the third time.
after many requests to change the color of the feet, i did.
as for D0GMA's suggestions, i'm not proficient enough in flash to do stuff like changing backgrounds and music and stuff. im pretty new to it.
but ill try to teach myself later...
sorry if you guys are sick of this


((( KINDA NEAT )))

Needs more though, it has promise, but it does need more and the music just stops about halfway, you might want to have it loop the music i mean, notbad work though...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: A short dance with some music...


I Break so Im giving you a 5, but the music sucked

I break, so I can relate. Nice style, I didn't see other things like this, anyways keep trying, maybe change the background next time, put powermoves in there or make two sticks that interact.


I don't know why people keep saying it's all right. The guy made 3 films that were exactly the same, and all of them had a stupid stick figure moving around for 5 seconds and then it stops? BLAM.

that wasent to bad we all have seen worse

that was pretty good for a beginer as u say
but it does have to be longer and mabey bring in a second dancer or sumpin like dat
but it was pretty good it could of been worse

Dancing Like A White Boy.

You have a good idea of doing some breaking dancing movie but you fail to execute well. What would make this a definite resident on Newground would be more longer movie and also more innovative flash techniques on the break dancer. Most of the time the dancer looked like a broken record by the way he moves back and forth between towo movies. Try a bit harder and you'll have my good vote.

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1.82 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2003
1:39 AM EDT
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