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I made this movie partially to come to grips with the many deaths Ive had in my life this year, and partially to probe my subconcious. To answer some questions up front: I was NOT on any kind of illegal substance when I created this movie. Im pretty sure Im not schizophrenic. Also, the music is not based on the traditional western music scale, so it may sound very strange.

I realize that Im opening myself up to a lot of "what is this shit?" reviews, but Im hoping at least 1/1000th of you enjoy this! Please enjoy, and forgive the relatively large file size!


Its sad

That people see this as funny and such.

All of the symbolism and inteligence and thought that went into the flash...well its hard to imagine the effort.
But it's refreshing to see someone get out their feelings in a form that isn't destructive towards themself or anyone else.

Veddy good.

i know wat u mean

i no wat u mean about coping with death but i experienced my first and it was easier than i thought but that could be because it was probably for the best so that she didnt have to suffer anymore but ya now that i read ur comments the movie made more sense.

Powerful, creepy, meaningful stuff.

I shouldn't even try to interpret this. It's much too personal for that, though it's so abstract it practically begs for viewer interpretation. I will say that after I read the author's comments, and realized that ALL of the shorts were about death, not just the obvious ones, the one with the picture frames suddenly made perfect horrific sense. That and the one with the dog drinking the memory of the other dog seemed really sad. Okay so I lied. Interpret interpret interpret. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I hope it helped you work through your feelings.


... actually... that was pretty amazing in it's weirdness... and when i say "weirdness" i mean, what were you on and where can i get some, lol, it was just creepy at first, but then i thought it was hilariously random

With Much Respect

Im Not Able To Do Flash Works Yet, So My Vent Is Drawing,Writing & Noise --- Which Is Oddly Enough Is In The Same Realm As This Work,
Death Being A Part Of Life Itself, Analysed & Expressed While Probing Your Own Existence. I Admire All Of The Works You've Submitted Thus Far, Can't Wait To See What Your WebSite Will Offer.


Mr W.A.D2

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3.80 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2003
6:09 PM EDT
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