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Author Comments

This is an idea I have had for a long time now. I have written about Coltello before in several short stories. This is the first time I have been able to really animate him and bring him to life. The overall look and feel of this animation are exactly what I was trying to do. I am not a professional animator and this is only my third animation here on Newgrounds. Please enjoy yourself. If you have trouble hearing or understanding turn up your speakers.

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Reminds me of Bewitched

haha just kidding, this is WAY better than that shit. Anyways, EXCELLENT job! That was fanfuckingtastic. At least for a third animation. You see, there are some parts where you could improve. For example, the credits at the beggining almost made me close it cause they were JUST to goddamned long! So that would be a good idea for you next movie. Second, the graphics, they were okay, like i mean, better than my third animation (see for yourself:P) but they could have been improved. Over all though, it was GREAT. Keep up the good work! XD


That reminded me of that old game, Heretic. Or Hexen. Either way, it's great for a third flash. I haven't really made...any, but if my friend ever learns how to then I'll be doing a lot of the animation. Anyway, this idea of yours seems like it would make a great RPG adventure game here on NG. It has fighting (well, magic fighting, unless that's all Coltello has according to your short stories.) and magic, which is a pretty good combo to make a turn-based RPG. But keep on doing what you are.


Well, this is really not a graphics movie, more of a dialouge, right? Well, the dialouge was great. So, will there be future episodes coming in the future? Oh, wait, that was the intro, heh. A really long intro, that I was getting ready to give a 7, thinking it was the movie. But there's more! The characters look pretty good, probably your best animated characters to date. I hope to see more from you soon.


Too drawn out

I'm sorry... Besides I had trouble understanding the monologue during what I can only call the middle of the movie, and that the action scenes had, well, not very much action, to say the least, the movie as a whole was just way too drawn out, especially the introduction. It had potential, but I can't rate this very high.


Good stuff.. waiting for more..
I like the way you wrote the story yourself and animated it after a while.. that is exactly what I am doing now.. my cartoon GOthlan... I wrote the story a long time ago and I Just started animating it my self.. am working on chapter 3 now.. check it out.. I would like to see ur review there.. :)

Keep up the good work I will be watching out for your next cartoon

Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2003
2:13 PM EDT
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