Gods Gift to Women PE

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Gods Gift to Women: Playa Edition.
Most of the problems have been fixed
along with the adition of the first
into it (Chick #3).



fucking funny

this is the fucking funniest flash i have seen on newgrounds.


Pretty funny flash. The graphics and sound could be slightly better, but the story and humor are good just the way it is. Dirk is a funny guy, but sometimes I can't understand what he's saying (maybe you could add subtitles?). This is an interesting series, I think I'll check them all out. Starting with this one (the 1st I think). One thing, I don't get how this could be such a high file size. It would help if you tried to optimize something (possibly the sound) so that it would be an easier download for 56k modem users.

Not bad...

The fat ladys vioce was really funny,Dirk was pretty funny too,overall it was a funny movie.Keep it up d00d.

O...k... then

That was fucking strange. I liked Dirk's voice cause it was really like, "Hey I'm so cool" kinda voice. The sucking dick noise? Well I don't wanna know you made it so let's just leave it at that ok? Anyways pretty good movie

Well, I found it funny.

I really liked Dirk's voice and whilst it didn't end on as high a note as it started off on, it remained amusing.

Drawings weren't the best I've seen but were pretty decent and I'd be proud of them if they were mine.

There was a bit of feedback on the mic for 2 of the lines (at chick #2) which is odd as the rest of the sound is well recorded. Maybe this could be sorted or maybe it's due to a mistake you could avoid in future?

My only real problem with this animation is... what happened to chick #3?

Other than that, it's reasonably amusing and I enjoyed watching it. :)

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2.72 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2003
3:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Original