Zomboid & Kyle 3

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Here it is. The one flash movie of mine that's been in limbo hell since I finished "Zombies Live Forever".
I thought of doing a "Zomboid 3" after "Zombies Live Forever"... I wrote 2 scripts I didn't like, and then, in the middle of animating "Artist 3: Eric's Dead", I wrote the script for the movie you see here now. Then came the probelm of the voices. I asked Kyle Coffey & Luc Tremblay if they'd like to voice themselves, and they agreed... took me a while to get the voices from them then... I think during that time I was working on the "Sunday School" series & "The Mattress Resprung" while I was waiting.
Well, I got the voices, then I began work soon after... took me a month or so... and here we are today.

I hope those of you who were fans of my "Artist" series enjoy it, because it's a prequel to "Artist 3"... and I hope all of you "Zomboid" fans like it too, since it's a direct sequel to "Zombies Live Forever".
And for those of you who like all of my movies... well, I just hope you enjoy my new style of animation.


Random profanity makes you awesome!

This really just wasn't good. I don't usually care at all, but it mad me kinda irriated whenever I had dealt with 15 swear words by the first minute of this. "Skip the fucking intro" "Select a fucking scene" Also the random masturbation and gay porn pictures on the wall were just random and didn't really have any comic value. Grow up man. The animation was sub-par, the voice work wasn't complete shit, but REALLY could have been a lot better. The way in which the animation occurred was really choppy and often didn't match up. Good try man but no cigar, no gay porn either.

EricSullivan responds:

Eh. All my old stuff sucks anyways. Check out my newer flash, like "Be My Girl" and "Sunday School 12".
They're still immature, but this is Newgrounds. If you're so irritated by curse words, it might not be the best idea to view this site, or the internet for that matter.

ok gay

that guys a fuckin fag, anyway. it was the best one ive seen so far so great job! i give it a four out of 5

ohhhhhhhhhh hello im eric

i think my brother is funnyer than wrong your more funnyer then that peice of shit sean

EricSullivan responds:

Nobody gives Sean enough credit. The man is far more original and crazy than I could ever be.

I liked it

A lot of you guys need to lighten up, i have a dick, i see mine every day. Shouldn't really matter...damn homophobes...bet you half of ya' were secrectly turned on...


i didn't even watch all of it and i thought it was gay, so just stop making movies like this

EricSullivan responds:

*continues making movies*

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2.85 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2003
6:30 PM EDT
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